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Coral Whipser

Coral Whipser - Sub Marine

Are you tired of those dull glass boats? Now you can experience the magic of the undersea at eye level ..!!   We  brings you the ultimate coral reef experience in Jordan’s first Semi- Sub marine taking you 3 meters under water level. -         Capacity is 55 passengers. -         Cantina. -         Air conditioned under sea. -         Cabin. -         Two onboard bathrooms.   Activity: -         Regional Water Trips (4 Hrs)-  Enjoy a boat trip  with BBQ lunch &observe beautiful corals and fish . -         Regional Water Trips ( 3 Hrs ) – Enjoy a boat trip & observe beautiful corals and fish . -         Regional Water Trips ( 2 Hrs ) – Enjoy a boat trip & observe beautiful corals and fish . -         Night Cruise With Dinner ( 3 Hrs )_ Enjoy a boat trip and BBQ Dinner with salads, -         Sun Set Cruise (90 min ) .      


  •  Saturday
  • Tuesday
  •  Friday
Coral View & Snorkeling (Submarine) ..with Lunch CAPACITY : 55 PAX 28 JD For Adults 15 JD For Children Under 12 Years Old Price includes ( BBQ lunch chicken , kebab , salads ) , towel ..With DJ. Coral viewing with guide.

photo of Coral Whipser


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Tornado The first and the only one in Aqaba; equipped with 20 sporting seats with safety belts; the boat designed for maximum enjoyment & fun.
  • Main Particulars: -
    • Length: … m

    • Breadth: … m

    • Depth: ….. m

    • Capacity: 20 passengers

    • Year Of Built: …….

    • Hull Type: Aluminum.

    • HP: 500

photo Tornado


Jet Skis

Jet Ski is the brand name of a personal watercraft manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The name is sometimes mistakenly used by those unfamiliar with the personal watercraft industry to refer to any type of personal watercraft; however, the name is a valid trademark registered with theUnited States Patent and Trademark Office, and in many other countries.[1] The term "Jet Ski" (or JetSki, often shortened to "Ski"[2]) is often mis-applied to all personal watercraft with pivoting handlepoles manipulated by a standing rider; these are properly known as Stand-up PWCs. The term is often mistakenly used when referring to WaveRunners, but WaveRunner is actually the name of the Yamaha line of sit-down PWCs, whereas "Jet Ski" refers to the Kawasaki line.[3][4] Recently, a third type has also appeared, where the driver sits in the seiza (i.e. kneeling) position. This type has been pioneered by Silveira Customs with their "Samba".

Jet Skis photo


Established in 2002 by Ashraf Sulaibi and Rod Abbotson combining more than 30 years experience in the dive industry and a founding member of the Aqaba Diving Association. We give individual attention to all our guests to make sure they have the best experience possible. Emphasis is on having fun safe boat diving with educational excellence from beginner to instructor levels in recreational, technical diving and beyond. Go to our Guestbook or Trip Advisor to find out what others think of us. Cheap flights from the UK

Diving photo